Tahoe and Vicinity August 18, 2019



You hear them everyday, but can you see them? And if you do spot a flash of bold color in the trees, or a great pair of wings spread out over your head, do you know what it is? The birds living around Tahoe are a wonder to know and a pleasure to see. From the ever-present noisy, bold Stellar’s Jays to the thrilling sight of a bald eagle gliding overhead, they are an ever-present part of this special place. Learn all about them here.


Do you know about Tahoe’s kokanee salmon? Do you want to help celebrate our annual salmon run? Of course you do! It’s a great excuse for a picnic or just a family outing. Mostly though, seeing all those fish doing what they’ve done for generations is fascinating. Click here for information.


Like to fish? Whether you are an experienced or a newcomer, our great, big Lake is full of ‘em.  Catch and release or catch them for dinner, these top 10 fishing spots will help.


Do you know whether you are a hiker or a walker? There’s plenty of trails in and around the Tahoe basin that will help you distinguish between the two. Choose one of the trails listed and remember you are at a higher altitude, so start small.



It is the loveliest bay in all of Lake Tahoe – well, actually, the only one. But it’s still a gem, which is why it’s named Emerald. It is a place that’s endlessly fascinating and worth visiting over and over.


Want to know more about the natural history and ecosystem of the Tahoe Region? Then join in the activities sponsored by the Tahoe Institute for Natural Science (TINS).


The Tahoe Institute for Natural Science sponsors events and activities for everyone throughout the year. You surely will find something that will surprise and delight.


It is just a short walk from the Stateline casinos, yet it feels like wilderness. Van Sickle Park is a bi-state park – Nevada and California – with outstanding views of the Lake, along with views of the hustle and bustle of Stateline, Nevada.  Take a beginners hike or connect to the more strenuous Tahoe Rim Trail.


The Tahoe Rim Trail is designated by National Geographic as one of the top ten hiking trails in the United States. The views are stunning, well worth seeking out but it is for experienced hikers. This trail is not for the inexperienced or the faint of heart, though.


One of the most under-appreciated parks around is the North Lake Tahoe Regional Park. Especially with its Treetop Adventure Park. Read all about it, and then go there!