Tahoe and Vicinity August 18, 2019

Lake Tahoe Farmer’s Markets – And Then Some

All the communities around Lake Tahoe have access to efficient, well-stocked grocery stores, but what could be more fun than buying your summer vegetables at an outdoor farmers market?

Instead of hearing canned music as you wander down aisle 4, out of doors your ears pick up the sound of the bold Stellar’s jays scolding anyone or anything in their way. In place of looking up to see what’s on top of that tall shelf over the frozen food section, out in the sunshine you can crane your neck to watch the birds swooping through the tops of the tall trees surrounding the market. Snapping fresh vegetable displays tempt your palate and delight your eye, while the sharp pine smell of the trees puts an edge to your appetite.

Indoor grocery stores have their place; we cannot do without them. Farmer’s markets, though, have food for the body and the soul.

Even though the outdoor markets have regular meeting places, it’s always wise to check. We’ve listed links to a few web sites that have the schedules (or soon will) for 2017. Bon Appétit!