Tahoe and Vicinity August 18, 2019

Mountain Fitness

Get moving! We’ve all heard that advice time and again; from friends, from family members, at the doctor’s office, even TV commercials urge us to stop watching and start moving.

There are fewer better ways to increase your and your family’s physical activities than buying a home nestled in the spectacular mountains.  As we all know, the point of living high up is to get outside as often as possible. Even the athletically challenged take advantage of the high country’s opportunities.

How about a springtime walk along a mountain trail? That is not hiking; it’s a pleasant stroll.

Want to get back into biking without facing the hazards of road traffic? The new bicycle trail from Incline Village to Sand Harbor was built just for your use.

Love to swim but hate the smell of chlorine? There is a large lake waiting for you with brisk, clean, clear water.

Whether swimming, boating, fishing or simply lounging on the beach, Lake Tahoe is at the center of everything in its part of the Sierra Nevada.

Keep a picnic basket at the ready in your new home, because it’s a fact that a Lakeside meal tastes much better than one eaten inside.

Early risers love to watch the light appear over the eastern peaks. Nighthawks gasp with awe at the sunsets and starlit skies. Locals know that on moonless nights it is hard to tell where the house lights end and the stars begin.

It may seem like skiing is the one and only wintertime activity. Not so.  A walk around a quiet snow-covered golf course is just as pleasurable but not as tiring.

Ice-skating is popular, but so is sitting beside that busy ice rink while slowly sipping a cup of steaming hot chocolate.  Sure it‘s cold, but think of all the calories your body is using to keep warm.

Do yourself a favor and follow your dreams; buy a home in the mountains. Come on up and get outside.