Don’t depend on anyone else for information about weather conditions. There is nothing like seeing for yourself. If you want to know the road conditions, there’s a webcam for that. How about snow? Want to see whether it’s snowing or not at your favorite resort? There’s a webcam for that.

North Lake Tahoe boasts a multitude of webcams for your convenience. Below are links to them, so you get a head start on your weekend plans.

It seems like a new webcam pops up almost daily, so we’ll keep updating as we discover the new views.

Alpine Meadows

Diamond Peak


Incline Village Beach

Kings Beach

Mt Rose


Squaw Valley

Tahoe City Marina

Tahoe City Cobblestone Center


Nevada DOT

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What To Do Besides Ski or Hike or Bike or Swim or Boat or Gamble When Visiting Lake Tahoe

The next most obvious Tahoe activity is just sitting quietly gazing at all the gorgeousness of the High Sierra. Though, with almost no light pollution during the night, stargazing in the Sierra should be high on anyone’s list. Tahoe’s spectacular night sky is best seen while sitting either close to the lake and away from trees that block the sky, or watching from way up high above the trees. A quick study of star maps during the day enhances the stunning star displays. 
For those who would like a lesson that feels more like a tour, try Tahoe Star Tours in the summer. With blankets to wrap against the evening chill, telescopes, s’mores and hot chocolate, a good evening is assured. 
How about a sleigh ride or, if no snow, at least a carriage ride? Who wouldn’t like a quiet ride through pine trees at the edge of one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the world? With no noisy engine to disturb the peace, all that can be heard is the soft clip-clop of a well-mannered draft horse. Along with Tahoe’s bird calls, of course.
Who knows how many varieties of birds live in the Tahoe Basin? Tahoe Institute for Natural Science, that’s who. TINS has the knowledge and they share it with nature walks, birding walks, festivals, presentations, school programs, and camps. Their web site lists dates for every program they sponsor throughout the year. Many of the programs are free – along with being informative and entertaining.
Besides all the bird songs, there is music for every taste along the shores of Lake Tahoe. High altitude enhances any kind of music. That is a well-known fact that we just made up. But there is something mesmerizing about hearing music come across the water or listening to notes drifting through the pine branches. From the evening shows at Sand Harbor, to early afternoon weekly music on the beach in Incline Village and Kings Beach, to Classical Tahoe held on the campus of Sierra Nevada College, Tahoe means music
Finally, take the whole family to a movie on a Lake Tahoe beach. Tahoe City offers weekly Movies On The Beach. What better way to spend and evening? What better way to create those precious memories?

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Before buying a home, most purchasers need to qualify and obtain a mortgage. Very few people have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their bank account.

 A smart buyer is a well-prepared buyer. That’s where a pre-approval letter from a lender comes in.

 Many buyers are unaware that there is a difference between a mortgage pre-qualification letter and a mortgage pre-approval letter. But that difference could make or break a home purchase, especially in a tight real estate market.

 Pre-qualification simply means that a buyer’s credit-worthiness has been evaluated, and the buyer may be eligible for a loan up to a given amount. This type of letter is not a promise. The conclusions in the letter are based on information given to the lender by the buyer. It is simply an evaluation of supposed facts by a mortgage professional.

 A pre-approval letter is a lender’s statement that a buyer qualifies for a certain mortgage amount based on reviews of all financial information. A buyer’s credit report, pay stubs, bank statements, assets and obligations are taken into consideration before any lender will issue a pre-approval letter.

 A purchaser with a pre-approval letter is the closest thing to being an all-cash buyer. If the buyer’s chosen property appraises at or above the agreed-upon price, and nothing in the purchasers financial picture changes before closing, a pre-approval letter is like having money in the bank.

 All buyers should remember that a pre-qualification letter helps them determine approximately how much of a loan they can obtain; the pre-approval letter lets all parties know that there is cash backing up an offer.

 If a seller happens to be choosing between two like offers, which kind of buyer would be in a superior position: one with a pre-approval letter or one with a pre-qualification letter?

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10 Apps For Tahoe

Want to learn more about Lake Tahoe? Do you feel the need to explore? Well, there’s an app for that. Below are ten apps that might answer any Tahoe questions you have.

Please note that the list is for informational purposes only. This blog is not associated with, nor does it endorse any particular app.


  1. VISITOR GUIDE (Free, charges to unlock features)

Geography, ecology, climate, ecology activities, transportation

Rating: 1 star – 5 ratings


Not only TV listings, but weather and links to webcams, information about TART

Rating: 3.3 stars – 3 ratings

  1. AROUND TAHOE GPS ($5.99)

                        Self guided audio tour of Tahoe with selected music. Bluetooth

Rating: 5 stars – 5 ratings


Resort information, Interactive Maps, Weather, Conditions, Record Keeping

Rating: 4.6 stars – 32 ratings


                        Audio tour about Tahoe, its legends, movies, history, points of interest. Ad free

Rating: 5 stars – 5 ratings


            Detailed snow history, 24-hour totals, current conditions, plus year-round web cams

Rating: 4.9 stars – 128 ratings


Gives latitude and longitude, GPS heading vector, distance measuring tool

Rating: None


Searchable for attractions such as museums, restaurants, bars, theaters, hotels, bars. Includes prices & hours. Offline map.                                              

Rating: 2 stars – 1 rating



                        Vacation rentals, food delivery, boat chargers, recreation rentals

Rating: 4 stars – 2 ratings



Searchable, travel utilities, hotels, currency converter, weather, offline map, directions, points of interest

                        Rating: 0

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You hear them everyday, but can you see them? And if you do spot a flash of bold color in the trees, or a great pair of wings spread out over your head, do you know what it is? The birds living around Tahoe are a wonder to know and a pleasure to see. From the ever-present noisy, bold Stellar’s Jays to the thrilling sight of a bald eagle gliding overhead, they are an ever-present part of this special place. Learn all about them here.


Do you know about Tahoe’s kokanee salmon? Do you want to help celebrate our annual salmon run? Of course you do! It’s a great excuse for a picnic or just a family outing. Mostly though, seeing all those fish doing what they’ve done for generations is fascinating. Click here for information.


Like to fish? Whether you are an experienced or a newcomer, our great, big Lake is full of ‘em.  Catch and release or catch them for dinner, these top 10 fishing spots will help.


Do you know whether you are a hiker or a walker? There’s plenty of trails in and around the Tahoe basin that will help you distinguish between the two. Choose one of the trails listed and remember you are at a higher altitude, so start small.



It is the loveliest bay in all of Lake Tahoe – well, actually, the only one. But it’s still a gem, which is why it’s named Emerald. It is a place that’s endlessly fascinating and worth visiting over and over.


Want to know more about the natural history and ecosystem of the Tahoe Region? Then join in the activities sponsored by the Tahoe Institute for Natural Science (TINS).


The Tahoe Institute for Natural Science sponsors events and activities for everyone throughout the year. You surely will find something that will surprise and delight.


It is just a short walk from the Stateline casinos, yet it feels like wilderness. Van Sickle Park is a bi-state park – Nevada and California – with outstanding views of the Lake, along with views of the hustle and bustle of Stateline, Nevada.  Take a beginners hike or connect to the more strenuous Tahoe Rim Trail.


The Tahoe Rim Trail is designated by National Geographic as one of the top ten hiking trails in the United States. The views are stunning, well worth seeking out but it is for experienced hikers. This trail is not for the inexperienced or the faint of heart, though.


One of the most under-appreciated parks around is the North Lake Tahoe Regional Park. Especially with its Treetop Adventure Park. Read all about it, and then go there!

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The Ten Commandments of Home Staging



Clean – Everything – Always


Spend at least 3 hours out in the fresh air. Then take a good whiff of the inside of your house as you walk through its front door. Proceed accordingly.  Do this at least once a week


If you’re a seller you were once a buyer. What pleased you – what turned you off?   Stage accordingly


If you must cook cabbage or fish, do it on the barbeque


Get rid of clutter.  Keep the closets half empty.  It makes your house look bigger.


Repair everything that needs fixing – everything


You will recoup expenses spent on repairs twofold when the house is sold


It is okay to keep family pictures on display. Buyers aren’t stupid; they can look beyond personal items


Bathrooms must be spotless at all times


Remember that once you sign a listing agreement, it is no longer your home. It is merchandise.

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There’s an App for That


This app helps you search for your new home as it has the most accurate listing information available.

iPhone and Android

Mortgage Calulator Plus

As a top 100 financial app in the United States as well as 30 other country’s, the Mortgage Calculator Plus estimates your mortgage, then provides analytics and graphs to show principal payments over time.


Real Estate Dictionary

It’s an app covering over 2000 common real estate terms, and fundamentals. Knowing the jargon helps buyers and sellers alike.

iPhone and Android



How close is your new dream home to banks, bars, grocery stores, and entertainment? Will that influence your opinion of the home and its neighborhood?

iPhone and Android



An app by the United States Census Bureau showing commuting information, education statistics, home values and more.

iPhone and Android



Have you seen a house for sale that seems like it would suit your family? Find out for sure. With this app you can take a photo with your smart phone and Homesnap can pull the interior photos from the local Multiple Listing Service.

iPhone and Android


GreatSchools Finder

This app with fill you in with detailed ratings, testing scores and reviews of local schools.

iPhone and Android

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Mountain Fitness

Get moving! We’ve all heard that advise time and again; from friends, from family members, at the doctor’s office, even TV commercials urge us to stop watching and start moving.

There are fewer better ways to increase your and your family’s physical activities than buying a home nestled in the spectacular mountains.  As we all know, the point of living high up is to get outside as often as possible. Even the athletically challenged take advantage of the high country’s opportunities.

How about a springtime walk along a mountain trail? That is not hiking; it’s a pleasant stroll.

Want to get back into biking without facing the hazards of road traffic? The new bicycle trail from Incline Village to Sand Harbor was built just for your use.

Love to swim but hate the smell of chlorine? There is a large lake waiting for you with brisk, clean, clear water.

Whether swimming, boating, fishing or simply lounging on the beach, Lake Tahoe is at the center of everything in its part of the Sierra Nevada.

Keep a picnic basket at the ready in your new home, because it’s a fact that a Lakeside meal tastes much better than one eaten inside.

Early risers love to watch the light appear over the eastern peaks. Nighthawks gasp with awe at the sunsets and starlit skies. Locals know that on moonless nights it is hard to tell where the house lights end and the stars begin.

It may seem like skiing is the one and only wintertime activity. Not so.  A walk around a quiet snow-covered golf course is just as pleasurable but not as tiring.

Ice-skating is popular, but so is sitting beside that busy ice rink while slowly sipping a cup of steaming hot chocolate.  Sure it‘s cold, but think of all the calories your body is using to keep warm.

Do yourself a favor and follow your dreams; buy a home in the mountains. Come on up and get outside.

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  1. Paperwork

Realtors help with all disclosures and the paperwork that has become necessary in today’s heavily regulated market

  1. Monitoring

A Realtor knows the entire sales process; from home inspections to appraisals, they know what’s needed and when.

  1. Negotiations

Realtors act as a buffer between parties and, as neither a buyer nor seller, they are neutral throughout the transaction

  1. Pricing

Realtors know current markets and can help set a realistic, competitive price for either a sale or a buyer’s offer

  1. Marketing

Realtors can access marketing tools to get a property listed on multiple websites getting the attention of thousands of viewers.

  1. Security

Realtors screen and prequalify prospective buyers, weeding out casual or simply curious lookers

  1. Effective Home Presentation

Realtors know what buyers are looking for and can advise sellers how to present the property in the best possible way and know service providers who can help

  1. Networking

Realtors know industry professionals. They know who to contact to get a particular job done – and they also know who not to contact

  1. Local Knowledge

Realtors have knowledge of real estate values, taxes, utility costs, municipal services and school district information

  1. Confidentiality

Realtors operate under a strict Code of Ethics which ensure negotiations and personal information remain priva

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You are going to sell your house. You are working with an experienced, successful realtor. But have you thought about pricing and how it can help or hinder a sale?

Your realtor has given you comparable pricing information. You know that the house down the street sold for just below your asking price, and you’ve looked at the house 2 blocks over that’s still on the market – after all this time. You have decided to price your home just a bit on the high side so you have room to negotiate.

First impressions count. Studies show that the first two weeks on the market are crucial. If your starting price is perceived as too high, you will lose the attention of all the active buyers.

Remember that the price of your property has an expiration date.

Everyone is interested in a new listing, so make sure to grab that market attention right away.

Make sure your price helps your property stand out from the others in a positive way.

A small, often overlooked asset when selling your house is evidence of pride of ownership.
Of course, before listing your home for sale, you’ve made sure the house was clutter-free, freshly painted, and the weeds in the yard have been pulled up. And so have the sellers of the house just around the corner.
To set your property apart from the competition, consider giving prospective buyers that extra boost of confidence about buying your house. Give your house a pedigree.
A prominently displayed three-ring binder filled with information about the house is just what any buyer would want to see, wouldn’t you?
A well-organized binder would have all the particulars about your home. From the year it was built, to the appliance manuals, any upgrades you’ve made, and major, or even minor, repairs.  Especially important would be information about repairs and upgrades that are not readily visible.
If you can show prospective buyers that the property has been well maintained, it gives them more confidence that they will be buying a good house.  
Make sure your home’s pedigree is clearly labeled and displayed so that realtors showing the property can point it out, so they will make sure that their buyers are aware of it.
After all, who wouldn’t want to own a home with a pedigree?

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