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Real Estate Ins & Outs Making Your Way Through A Seller’s Market The current seller’s market isn’t the first one Incline Village has known, and it won’t be the last. Because home buyers and sellers generally have little interest in the real estate market when they are not actively buying or selling, they don’t always realize, or care, how the market moves. But move it does — […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs Home Inspections and Then Some All buyers expect a professional home inspector to provide an in-depth report of the property’s structures and systems. Certainly, it is a worthwhile investment that can either warn buyers away from a bad purchase, or provide buyers with the knowledge of deficiencies they can use to further negotiate with the sellers.  The inspector’s report will […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs Preapproval Before buying a home, most purchasers need to qualify and obtain a mortgage. Very few people have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their bank account.  A smart buyer is a well-prepared buyer. That’s where a pre-approval letter from a lender comes in.  Many buyers are unaware that there is a difference between a mortgage […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs 10 Apps For Tahoe Want to learn more about Lake Tahoe? Do you feel the need to explore? Well, there’s an app for that. Below are ten apps that might answer any Tahoe questions you have. Please note that the list is for informational purposes only. This blog is not associated with, nor does it endorse any particular app. […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs The Ten Commandments of Home Staging   I Clean – Everything – Always II Spend at least 3 hours out in the fresh air. Then take a good whiff of the inside of your house as you walk through its front door. Proceed accordingly.  Do this at least once a week III If you’re a seller you were once a buyer. What pleased […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs There’s an App for That This app helps you search for your new home as it has the most accurate listing information available. iPhone and Android Mortgage Calulator Plus As a top 100 financial app in the United States as well as 30 other country’s, the Mortgage Calculator Plus estimates your mortgage, then provides analytics and graphs to show […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs TEN REASONS TO ALWAYS WORK WITH A REALTOR   Paperwork Realtors help with all disclosures and the paperwork that has become necessary in today’s heavily regulated market Monitoring A Realtor knows the entire sales process; from home inspections to appraisals, they know what’s needed and when. Negotiations Realtors act as a buffer between parties and, as neither a buyer nor seller, they are […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs Sellers You are going to sell your house. You are working with an experienced, successful realtor. But have you thought about pricing and how it can help or hinder a sale? Your realtor has given you comparable pricing information. You know that the house down the street sold for just below your asking price, and you’ve […]
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Real Estate Ins & Outs Snowpack The Tahoe real estate market is unique. Not only does it perform differently from the national average, but also within the Tahoe market different neighborhoods sometimes vary dramatically. Even though South Lake Tahoe and Incline Village share Lake Tahoe’s shores, their Real Estate markets are not the same. Differences notwithstanding, the 2017 winter storms have […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs The Mortgage Mortgage loans carry simple interest, and calculating how much of your monthly payment is credited to interest and how much of that payment is applied to principal, is really simple. Suppose you borrow $150,000.00 to finance your new house. You apply for and get approved for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage at 4.25%. The […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs Appraisals It doesn’t matter whether it’s a house or a farm or a condo or a piece of undeveloped land that is being sold, nearly every real estate transaction needs the services of an appraiser who will give an unbiased professional opinion of the property’s value. Buyers do not want to overpay for a house, and […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs What is Escrow? There has to be a neutral third party in every real estate transaction; someone who will take instructions only from the principals – the buyers and sellers. That is escrow’s job. Once the contract is signed, and its terms and conditions, along with the buyers’ deposit, are submitted, the escrow officer begins her work.  After […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs Home Owner Associations Do you want to own a second home in Tahoe? You may be thinking of a condominium or townhouse with shared common areas. Instead of individual owners worrying about snow removal, landscape and walkway maintenance, the condominium homeowner’s association steps in to lift some of that burden. A nice arrangement if you’re an out-of-town owner. […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs Real Estate Trends for 2017 Most all of the real estate forecasting experts on the internet agree that there will be changes in the 2017 housing market, but few of those experts agree on exactly how and when the market will change. Zillow’s Home Price Expectation Survey showed that over 100 economic and housing experts predict that housing prices will […]
Real Estate Ins & Outs Real Estate Loans Mr. Shakespeare warned us “neither a borrower nor a lender be”, but these days most real estate buyers must be borrowers. Applying for a real estate loan through bank or credit union has been the traditional way to obtain a home loan, and perhaps a homebuyer with a long, personal relationship with a direct lender […]