Tahoe and Vicinity

Tahoe and Vicinity I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE Can you imagine bicycling from Incline Village to Spooner Lake comfortably, without worrying about heavy summer traffic as you navigate curve filled Highway 28? No? Now imagine a beautiful summer’s day with you on your bike and a safe, sensational 22 mile round trip ride in front of you. That day will come, but be […]
Tahoe and Vicinity TERRIFYING TAHOE The story, as told by some Tahoe residents, is that after Jacques Cousteau’s 1970s deep dive into Tahoe waters, he remarked “The world is not ready for what I have seen.” However, after some investigating the Los Angeles Times, along with other newspapers, reported that Jacques Cousteau never visited or made an underwater exploration of […]
Tahoe and Vicinity TAHOE PYRAMID TRAIL It was an ambitious plan for audacious bicycle riders. A marked trail, for bicyclists (and hikers}, from the Tahoe City damn all the way to Pyramid Lake. Starting in Tahoe City, at the damn beginning of the Truckee, you can follow the mountain water until it empties into Pyramid Lake, 116 miles away. The Tahoe […]
Tahoe and Vicinity THE TAHOE EAST SHORE TRAIL It was worth the wait. Even though it’s only been opened since June 2019, the Tahoe East Shore Trail is a stunning 3 mile walking/bike path that has acquired the deserved reputation of being one of America’s most beautiful bike paths. The new path begins in Incline Village. It then climbs, drops, and winds its […]
Tahoe and Vicinity Tahoe Skies The number of sightings in 2020 are up. The annual bald eagle count showed that 24 of our magnificent national symbols were calling the Lake Tahoe Basin home this year. The second Friday in January is designated for the official Mid-Winter Bald Eagle count. As part of the nationwide effort, about 90 volunteers from the […]
Tahoe and Vicinity 12 VIEWS OF NORTH LAKE TAHOE Don’t depend on anyone else for information about weather conditions. There is nothing like seeing for yourself. If you want to know the road conditions, there’s a webcam for that. How about snow? Want to see whether it’s snowing or not at your favorite resort? There’s a webcam for that. North Lake Tahoe boasts a […]
Tahoe and Vicinity What To Do Besides Ski or Hike or Bike or Swim or Boat or Gamble When Visiting Lake Tahoe The next most obvious Tahoe activity is just sitting quietly gazing at all the gorgeousness of the High Sierra. Though, with almost no light pollution during the night, stargazing in the Sierra should be high on anyone’s list. Tahoe’s spectacular night sky is best seen while sitting either close to the lake and away from […]
Tahoe and Vicinity GET OUTSIDE – IT’S GOOD FOR YOU   You hear them everyday, but can you see them? And if you do spot a flash of bold color in the trees, or a great pair of wings spread out over your head, do you know what it is? The birds living around Tahoe are a wonder to know and a pleasure to see. […]
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Tahoe and Vicinity Mountain Fitness Get moving! We’ve all heard that advise time and again; from friends, from family members, at the doctor’s office, even TV commercials urge us to stop watching and start moving. There are fewer better ways to increase your and your family’s physical activities than buying a home nestled in the spectacular mountains.  As we all […]
Tahoe and Vicinity Lake Tahoe Farmer’s Markets – And Then Some All the communities around Lake Tahoe have access to efficient, well-stocked grocery stores, but what could be more fun than buying your summer vegetables at an outdoor farmers market? Instead of hearing canned music as you wander down aisle 4, out of doors your ears pick up the sound of the bold Stellar’s jays scolding […]
Tahoe and Vicinity Lake Tahoe Entertainment You are in your new Tahoe house. Your real estate agent, Stacey Hanna, found the perfect fit for you and your family. Escrow went smoothly and closed on time. The furniture’s in, and the beds are made. Now what? Luckily, you are in the stunning Tahoe Basin, where a day’s entertainment is always easy to […]
Tahoe and Vicinity Protecting Our Big Blue Lake That wonderful body of water, Lake Tahoe, needs more than good intentions to keep it clean, blue, clear and ours. We all agree on that. That’s where our formal organizations come in. They direct, we volunteer, and Tahoe benefits. So who’s doing the directing for Lake Tahoe? In the 1960s some were seeing a city […]
Tahoe and Vicinity Incline Village General Improvement District People thinking of buying property in Incline Village often ask what is IVGID, and what will it do for me? The Incline Village General Improvement District has been serving the residents of Incline Village since 1961. It was organized to build water, sewer and road improvements for the developing community, although as soon as the […]