Real Estate Ins & Outs August 18, 2019


You are going to sell your house. You are working with an experienced, successful realtor. But have you thought about pricing and how it can help or hinder a sale?

Your realtor has given you comparable pricing information. You know that the house down the street sold for just below your asking price, and you’ve looked at the house 2 blocks over that’s still on the market – after all this time. You have decided to price your home just a bit on the high side so you have room to negotiate.

First impressions count. Studies show that the first two weeks on the market are crucial. If your starting price is perceived as too high, you will lose the attention of all the active buyers.

Remember that the price of your property has an expiration date.

Everyone is interested in a new listing, so make sure to grab that market attention right away.

Make sure your price helps your property stand out from the others in a positive way.

A small, often overlooked asset when selling your house is evidence of pride of ownership.
Of course, before listing your home for sale, you’ve made sure the house was clutter-free, freshly painted, and the weeds in the yard have been pulled up. And so have the sellers of the house just around the corner.
To set your property apart from the competition, consider giving prospective buyers that extra boost of confidence about buying your house. Give your house a pedigree.
A prominently displayed three-ring binder filled with information about the house is just what any buyer would want to see, wouldn’t you?
A well-organized binder would have all the particulars about your home. From the year it was built, to the appliance manuals, any upgrades you’ve made, and major, or even minor, repairs.  Especially important would be information about repairs and upgrades that are not readily visible.
If you can show prospective buyers that the property has been well maintained, it gives them more confidence that they will be buying a good house.  
Make sure your home’s pedigree is clearly labeled and displayed so that realtors showing the property can point it out, so they will make sure that their buyers are aware of it.
After all, who wouldn’t want to own a home with a pedigree?