Real Estate Ins & Outs August 18, 2019

There’s an App for That

This app helps you search for your new home as it has the most accurate listing information available.

iPhone and Android

Mortgage Calulator Plus

As a top 100 financial app in the United States as well as 30 other country’s, the Mortgage Calculator Plus estimates your mortgage, then provides analytics and graphs to show principal payments over time.


Real Estate Dictionary

It’s an app covering over 2000 common real estate terms, and fundamentals. Knowing the jargon helps buyers and sellers alike.

iPhone and Android



How close is your new dream home to banks, bars, grocery stores, and entertainment? Will that influence your opinion of the home and its neighborhood?

iPhone and Android



An app by the United States Census Bureau showing commuting information, education statistics, home values and more.

iPhone and Android



Have you seen a house for sale that seems like it would suit your family? Find out for sure. With this app you can take a photo with your smart phone and Homesnap can pull the interior photos from the local Multiple Listing Service.

iPhone and Android


GreatSchools Finder

This app with fill you in with detailed ratings, testing scores and reviews of local schools.

iPhone and Android