Tahoe and Vicinity October 17, 2019

What To Do Besides Ski or Hike or Bike or Swim or Boat or Gamble When Visiting Lake Tahoe

The next most obvious Tahoe activity is just sitting quietly gazing at all the gorgeousness of the High Sierra. Though, with almost no light pollution during the night, stargazing in the Sierra should be high on anyone’s list. Tahoe’s spectacular night sky is best seen while sitting either close to the lake and away from trees that block the sky, or watching from way up high above the trees. A quick study of star maps during the day enhances the stunning star displays. 
For those who would like a lesson that feels more like a tour, try Tahoe Star Tours in the summer. With blankets to wrap against the evening chill, telescopes, s’mores and hot chocolate, a good evening is assured. 
How about a sleigh ride or, if no snow, at least a carriage ride? Who wouldn’t like a quiet ride through pine trees at the edge of one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the world? With no noisy engine to disturb the peace, all that can be heard is the soft clip-clop of a well-mannered draft horse. Along with Tahoe’s bird calls, of course.
Who knows how many varieties of birds live in the Tahoe Basin? Tahoe Institute for Natural Science, that’s who. TINS has the knowledge and they share it with nature walks, birding walks, festivals, presentations, school programs, and camps. Their web site lists dates for every program they sponsor throughout the year. Many of the programs are free – along with being informative and entertaining.
Besides all the bird songs, there is music for every taste along the shores of Lake Tahoe. High altitude enhances any kind of music. That is a well-known fact that we just made up. But there is something mesmerizing about hearing music come across the water or listening to notes drifting through the pine branches. From the evening shows at Sand Harbor, to early afternoon weekly music on the beach in Incline Village and Kings Beach, to Classical Tahoe held on the campus of Sierra Nevada College, Tahoe means music
Finally, take the whole family to a movie on a Lake Tahoe beach. Tahoe City offers weekly Movies On The Beach. What better way to spend and evening? What better way to create those precious memories?