Real Estate Ins & Outs August 18, 2019



  1. Paperwork

Realtors help with all disclosures and the paperwork that has become necessary in today’s heavily regulated market

  1. Monitoring

A Realtor knows the entire sales process; from home inspections to appraisals, they know what’s needed and when.

  1. Negotiations

Realtors act as a buffer between parties and, as neither a buyer nor seller, they are neutral throughout the transaction

  1. Pricing

Realtors know current markets and can help set a realistic, competitive price for either a sale or a buyer’s offer

  1. Marketing

Realtors can access marketing tools to get a property listed on multiple websites getting the attention of thousands of viewers.

  1. Security

Realtors screen and prequalify prospective buyers, weeding out casual or simply curious lookers

  1. Effective Home Presentation

Realtors know what buyers are looking for and can advise sellers how to present the property in the best possible way and know service providers who can help

  1. Networking

Realtors know industry professionals. They know who to contact to get a particular job done – and they also know who not to contact

  1. Local Knowledge

Realtors have knowledge of real estate values, taxes, utility costs, municipal services and school district information

  1. Confidentiality

Realtors operate under a strict Code of Ethics which ensure negotiations and personal information remain priva